LJYZN – Height and weight measuring instrument

Functional features:

Automatic measurement of height, weight and body fat (blood pressure optional)

Complete self checking system

Synchronous voice broadcast

Digital display of measurement results

Indoor temperature display

Thermal printing and automatic paper cutting

Main parameters:

Height measurement range: 80-200cm

division value: 0.5cm

Weighing range: 8-500kg

division value: 0.1kg

It can use system chip identification or fingerprint, RFID to verify identity assessment, and support manual input of number to obtain the assessment standard;

(1) The system has network real-time transmission and single machine local storage, assessment data collection;

(2) The software has the functions of standard proofreading, importing and proofreading military sports assessment standards (male and female) and generating examination results, data import and export, standard import, etc;

(3) The system has the function of wireless remote transmission;

(4) It can be connected to the military sports training assessment platform for remote access, query, statistics, analysis, and query the assessment process data;

(5) The software can calculate BMI value automatically;

Intelligent body measurement system marked with “LJYZN” is authentic. The equipment is guaranteed for two years for non-human damage, and only material cost and maintenance labor cost are charged for artificial damage or more than two years. The supplier shall provide the regular products with the original package according to the specifications, models and configuration requirements, and shall not accept the change of brand and carry the manufacturer’s authorization letter.