LJYZN – Sit up and push up tester

1. Background and system introduction

Intelligent sit up and push up examination system is a set of general military sports training assessment system designed according to the requirements of military sports training outline.

The system uses biometric fingerprint identification, two-dimensional code identification, infrared detection and other technologies to automatically identify the identity information of the examinee.

With the first push-up standard action as the starting time, the whole process of voice prompt, video recording, the whole process without the assistance of other personnel, after the completion of self-help, the system automatically statistical analysis of assessment indicators and scores.

The system is divided into two-dimensional code identification stand-alone version and fingerprint identification network version. The network version connects with the military sports comprehensive information platform.

2. Host parameters

① Adopt 8.9 inch touch screen

②Wired or wireless communication, 100M / 1000m adaptive network transmission.

③Support synchronous video recording, record the assessment process, and have anti cheating function (if you purchase this equipment, you need to be equipped with a hard disk recorder and hard disk).

④Equipment size: 220 × 80 × 40cm.

3. Technical parameters

①Touch console with fingerprint and QR code identification (optional).

②Double point detection, supporting low and high infrared detection.

4. Other parameters

①Number of examiners: single assessment, bending hook, auxiliary assessment.

②Standard proofreading: with military sports standard (male, female) import proofreading.

③Error rate: low error, accurate to 0.02-0.05 seconds.

④Anti cheating: with anti cheating function, real-time recording assessment video. (optional)

⑤Open interface: equipment data can be integrated to provide integration services.