How to deal with RFID for domestic retail enterprises

First of all, in the face of RFID boom, Chinese retail enterprises need to choose the right system at the right time according to the actual needs of enterprises, and consider which links can obtain the expected return on investment? We can focus on the following three aspects:

1.Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of goods in and out of the inventory process

2.Promote sales, increase revenue, timely replenishment customer management: including customer shopping environment; customer purchase experience; VIP customer management of food hygiene and safety

3.Reduce the loss, improve the store goods theft logistics loss, natural loss of goods

Secondly, according to the current development of retail industry, we suggest that the retail industry can start from the following areas: logistics warehouse, supermarket household appliances, household products, brand clothing.

1.Logistics warehouse
Warehouse in and out statistical management is an important part of logistics distribution, and optimizing inventory is very important for retail industry. The current situation of RFID market development proves that the tracking management of the whole logistics distribution can be realized. In the warehouse management, the electronic label management is first used, and then the upper and lower logistics supply chain is extended with the warehouse as the center, and finally the whole process intelligent tracking management of the whole logistics system is completed.

2.Supermarket household appliances
Considering the factors of affordability, we suggest that we can try out household appliances with relatively high cost, establish order center and distribution center, integrate store replenishment orders, reduce distribution frequency of suppliers, reduce logistics costs, and finally achieve a win-win situation between suppliers and retailers.

3.Household products
The logistics distribution of home products is easy to be short of parts, and the disordered central inventory and store inventory management lead to high turnover costs. The application of RFID system can alleviate or even completely solve their problems.

4.Brand clothing
Brand clothing is generally the operation mode of chain operation, which has an inevitable demand for anti-counterfeiting. The unique global coding characteristics of electronic tags will be fully solved. Coupled with the fully intelligent VIP member management mode of electronic tags, it can be said that the application of RFID in the clothing industry will usher in another new development stage of Chinese brand clothing.


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