RFID is a kind of non-contact automatic identification technology. It can identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signal. RFID technology has the advantages of waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, long reading distance, data encryption on the label, larger storage capacity, and free change of storage information. The encoding mode, storage and reading and writing mode of the electronic tag are different from those of the traditional label (such as bar code) or manual label. The storage of the electronic tag code is stored in the read-only or read-write format on the integrated circuit; especially in the read-write mode, the electronic tag is realized by wireless electronic transmission.

According to the different ways of internal storage information injection, electronic tags can be divided into three categories: integrated circuit solidification type, field wired rewriting type and field wireless rewriting type; according to the technical implementation means of reading electronic tag data, it can be divided into broadcast emission type, frequency multiplication type and reflection modulation type; according to the different energy supply mode (battery power supply), RFID technology can also be divided into three categories It can be divided into active, passive and semi-active. RFID is usually classified into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra-high frequency (UHF) and microwave band (MW) according to the working frequency (unit: Hz).

The prominent technical features of RFID electronic tag are: first, it can identify a single very specific object, instead of only identifying one kind of object like barcode; second, using radio frequency, data can be read through external materials, and barcode must be read by laser; third, multiple objects can be read at the same time, and barcode can only be read one by one The amount of information stored is very large;

RFID system composed of electronic tag, reader, antenna and application software is directly connected with corresponding management information system. Every item can be tracked accurately. This comprehensive information management system can bring many benefits to customers, including real-time data collection, secure data access channel, offline access to all product information, etc. RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation, commercial automation and so on.


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