RFID Tester

We use RFID technology to develop a military training physical fitness assessment system. The system includes the following types of test content: 3000 meter running time counting lap test, sit up & push up test, horizontal bar pull-up test, 30m * 2 snake run, body shape test.

After identification by fingerprint machine, face recognition machine, swipe card and other equipment, the assessment begins. After the assessment of each person, the results will be transmitted to the terminal (display screen) through wireless transmission to realize the function of instant examination and display.

Our military training physical fitness assessment system:
1. It has the ability to input personal information and unit information of soldiers, collect fingerprint and image information, import and modify military training standards.
2. Comprehensive management of military sports, formulation of training and assessment plan, management of military sports assessment scheme, assessment grouping and scheme.
3. With military sports assessment management, import and export of general subject data, automatic score calculation and qualified evaluation;
4. Wireless transmission, real-time display and analysis of military sports assessment data.
5. It has the functions of basic information maintenance and management, unit information maintenance, personnel information maintenance, Department (unit) management, assessment standard maintenance, system function setting, etc.
6. Have the assessment results summary, realize the statistics and export of personal and unit achievements.


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