RFID Antenna

RFID tag antenna is the balise antenna of RFID electronic tag, which is a kind of communication induction antenna. RFID tag antenna can be divided into metal etching antenna, printed antenna, copper plated antenna and so on.

Among them, RFID conductive ink printing antenna is a new technology. The above manufacturing methods of RFID tag antenna are applicable to RFID electronic tag products with different frequencies. Low frequency RFID tag antenna is basically made by winding, and HF RFID tag antenna can be realized by the above three methods, but etching antenna is the main material, and its material is generally aluminum or copper, and UHF RFID tag antenna is mainly printed antenna.

We are equipped with different kinds of tag antennas for different frequency ranges of electronic tags and readers. You can choose according to your needs, and we will meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.


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